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Perfect for fans of Michelle Madow, Elisa Kova, Rachel E.Carter, and Ella Summers, comes a new YA Paranormal series.

Fluidus Rising, Book 1 in The Ardere Series.

At her high school graduation, Sierra Reeves discovers that everything she knew is a lie. Thrown into the supernatural Ardere world as a Fluidus with telekinetic powers, she attracts the attention of the regency and their enemies.

To stay safe, Sierra allies with the handsome, overprotective Ardere marshal Gavin McLoughlin.

Just when Sierra begins to settle into her new life in Savannah, Georgia, corpses begin to show up, and Sierra fears she’s next…

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Mirror Sacrifice, Book 2 in The Ardere Series.

Sierra Reeves travels to London, ready to embrace her supernatural Fluidus heritage. In addition to training, she has to assert her place among the snobbish elite and decide what to do about Gavin as he grows more distant and teams up with his ex on a mission.

To prove she’s worthy of the Fluidus title, Sierra trains harder than ever with Cooper, who tasked with protecting her, soon becomes more.

But matters of the heart will have to wait as the Culpatus returns with unexpected allies.

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Spirit Snatcher, Book 3 in the Ardere Series

She will venture into the enemy’s lair to save the ones she loves.

Sierra is trying to come to terms with the discovery of her family’s dark secrets and master the elements when the Culpatus begins to abduct Guardians from London’s streets.

To find out what the Culpatus has planned and where they’re taking the Guardians, Sierra has to team up with Gavin and confront the reality that her heart still longs for him, even though she’s dating Cooper.

The mission to rescue the Guardians will test Sierra, Gavin, and Cooper like nothing has ever before and take them deep into the lair of the Culpatus.

Will they manage to free their people, or will they end up prisoners themselves?

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