Part 3 of your novel

The third quartile of a novel is also commonly called the Attack. In this part the hero transforms from passive into active and runs towards the issue at hand trying to make sense of it and resolve it.

At around 62% the second pinch point takes place. Just like the first pinch point it has to depict the antagonistic force directly. It cannot be filtered through the protagonists’ perception.  Of course it also has to be more dramatic in comparison to the first pinch point. This is when the hero begins to truly unravel.

It is crucial to note that while the main character is active in the third quartile his/her actions are often incorrect in solving the problem at hand and often get him/her into deeper waters.


The darkest point comes somewhere between 70 to 75% where the hero feels likes there is no way of solving the riddle/winning his love interest/overcoming the evil/changing for the better. In order to make this moment even more dramatic the protagonist if often deserted by friends and family. All by himself/herself the depressed protagonist feels like there is absolutely no way that he/she can come out of the tribulation.

Finally part three wraps up with the second plot point at 75%. Important information is inserted here, one that ultimately helps the protagonist to fight the antagonistic force. It is important to highlight that this information cannot give away the ending or resolve the main issue at hand rather it is a hint. The hint shouldn’t be “too easy” since you still have another quartile of the book left. In fact it is in the fourth quartile that the protagonist properly understands the meaning of the information provided at the second plot point and is able to put it to use. Finally, the hint given at 75% needs to fit in with the prior rules/guidelines of the universe the novel is set in, meaning for example that in the fantasy genre there shouldn’t be a sudden discovery of new powers that hadn’t been foreshadowed previously.

The next blog post will focus on part four – climax and resolution of your novel.

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