Ebook pricing

There are a few common misconceptions about EBooks that are being sold via Amazon. The main one being that only the cheapest books priced at $0.99 sell.

In order to illustrate my point, I have analyzed the price points of the bestselling 100 EBook YA & Teen Fantasy on Amazon. This list features traditionally published and self-published books.

Amazon bestsellers YA & Teen Fantasy pricing

Chart price ebooks.png

* Unusual pricing e.g. $7.09 was rounded up (in this case to $6.99)

** Table does not include bundles where multiple books are sold together, thus number isn’t exactly 100

As you can see from the above table, individual EBooks sold for the lowest entry price at $0.99, compromise only about 10% of the bestsellers. A slightly greater amount of bestsellers was priced $2.99 and $4.99 respectively. While over 40% of the titles were priced at $3.99.

Furthermore, most of the titles priced $0.99 per book were not priced this way because the author didn’t believe EBook buyers to spend more, but rather the lowest pricing was used as a clever marketing strategy by relatively unknown, self-published authors for the first book in a series. This was done to increase profit from impulsive buys and hook readers onto a series, with the hope that the reader will then purchase the subsequent books in a series, which were priced at or near the more common $3.99.

Accordingly, the common misconception that EBook buyers will only spend the minimum on books, unless it is an extremely famous author, is unfounded. The most common price is $3.99 and those authors who sell their books for $0.99 often only do this for the first book in a series.


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