Year in Review – How many books have I read?

In March 2016, after finishing Stephen King’s ‘On writing’, I decided to take his advice and read 70 books in a year. Stephen King’s believes that all writers should read this much to improve their craft as well as to understand what is currently trending, what has been done before and how, and what has been overdone.

Back in May I created a blog post with tips on how aspiring writers can fit this much reading into their busy schedule. After all, 70 books a year is roughly 1 book every 5 days.



I have followed my own advice and cut down on watching TV, browsing the Internet and reading magazines. I’ve also been reading while walking the treadmill and listening to audiobooks in the car, when walking my dog and while cooking.

My results:

64 books read. Written by 48 different authors

16 audiobooks heard. Written by another 8 different authors

Thus in total I familiarized myself in 2016 with the work of 56 different authors and consumed a total of 80 books!

I’m proud of this achievement and believe that creating routine/mini-goals had a tremendous impact on reaching my goal. Again, for those of you who want to learn more about my routine, please read my earlier blog post here.


How was your year? Did you set a reading target? If yes, did you manage to hit your reading target? Will you set a reading target for the next yea

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