She will venture into the enemy’s lair to save the ones she loves

Spirit Snatcher, book 3 in the Dark Legacy Series is now available on Amazon.

Do you enjoy YA fantasy series full of plot-twists, secrets, and romance?

Couldn’t get enough of Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments, and Shadow Falls?

Then the Dark Legacy series is perfect for you.

Sierra is trying to come to terms with the discovery of her family’s dark secrets and master the elements when the Culpatus begins to abduct Guardians from London’s streets.

To find out what the Culpatus has planned and where they’re taking the Guardians, Sierra has to team up with Gavin and confront the reality that her heart still longs for him, even though she’s dating Cooper.

The mission to rescue the Guardians will test Sierra, Gavin, and Cooper like nothing has ever before and take them deep into the lair of the Culpatus.

Will they manage to free their people, or will they end up prisoners themselves?

Filled with plot-twists, secrets, and romance, Spirit Snatcher will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more!

Available now on Amazon.

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Excerpt: Mirror Sacrifice. Chapter 1. Part 3

Mirror Sacrifice, Book 2 in the Ardere Series, will be available for purchase on Amazon in February.

The three of them perched on a lemon brocade couch, Sierra taking the seat between Cooper and Gavin. She smoothed her hair, noticing this room featured dainty columns in the corners. On them stood porcelain vases filled with pale pink ranunculus blossoms. A majestic Murano glass chandelier hung from the center of the ceiling.

Gavin squeezed her hand. His touch took her by surprise. Grateful for the first reassuring gesture since their journey, she smiled at him. Perhaps she had judged him too harshly, and his distance had nothing to do with her, but with his upcoming mission.

With a clicking noise, the door at the opposite end of the room opened. Gavin let go of her hand as a tall and slender woman, clad in a lilac suit, glided toward them—Lady Lorna Windsor.

Sierra’s breath hitched as her senses screamed: Charmer. She wasn’t too fond of the Ardere faction after the last Charmer she had met—Maxim—had turned out to be a madman and serial killer. He had inflicted terrifying illusions on her and chocked her, and she was still recovering from his viciousness.

But even before the incident, she hadn’t felt at ease around Charmers with their uncanny ability to enter dreams, create illusions, and manipulate the minds of other supernaturals.

Lorna’s aura commanded an inexplicable reverence. Extreme power and vitality wafted from the fifty-something Charmer, making it clear she was the one in charge. Whether that was a natural reflection of her power level or enhanced with an illusion, Sierra didn’t know. Either way, she found herself rising with Gavin and Cooper and then curtsying, as if she had grown up in a castle and not in a small American town. Lorna slid into the armchair facing them, crossed her ankles, and clasped her hands together in her lap. Blow-dried, platinum hair streaked with silvery highlights framed her oval face. Teardrop, diamond solitaires hung from her earlobes.

“Gavin, Cooper, welcome. It’s a pleasure to see you both again, especially united.” Lorna’s steel gray eyes swiped from one man to the other, as if she could see right through them. Then her focus shifted to Sierra. “And you must be Sierra Reeves, the Fluidus.”

Excerpt: Mirror Sacrifice. Chapter 1. Part 2

Mirror Sacrifice, Book 2 in the Ardere Series, will be available for purchase on Amazon in February.

“Let’s go.” Gavin gave her an odd glance, as if he was seeing her for the first time. She had no time to dwell on it as she stepped onto the platform and admired Paddington station with its vaulted glass dome, countless stores, and hundreds of people in a rush. Sierra jostled her way through the crowd, struggling to keep up with Gavin and Cooper’s quick pace. A myriad of smells, including pizza, noodles, and fried chicken, tempted her as she hurried past various food vendors. With the afternoon tea looming ahead of her, comfort food was out of the question.

A huge pack of tourists blocked one side of the exit while earnest-looking business people scurried down the other side, clasping newspapers and briefcases. Words of different languages pelted down upon her ears.


Jag kommer att vara sent för klass!

Ile to kosztuje?

In addition to Spanish, Swedish, and Polish, a dozen English accents assaulted her, coming at her from all sides. In Savannah, where foreigners were the exception, not the norm, it had been easy to deal with her omnilingualism. Yet London was a different beast. Less than ten minutes in the bustling city, and already her head throbbed. When Gavin hailed a black cab, Sierra climbed in hastily, eager to escape the cacophony.

Throughout the drive, Gavin remained silent. Fixated on his phone, he was oblivious to the nervousness raging within her. Trying not to read too much into his behavior, Sierra fastened her attention on Cooper, who was playing tour guide.

“Hyde Park, a fantastic place to explore on the few yearly days when London’s rain is on vacation. Westminster Cathedral,”—he pointed at a beautiful red and white Neo-Byzantine building—“a must-see if you’re capable of enduring the several hour-long wait to get inside.”

The famous and gothic Westminster Abbey and Big Ben followed. “It’s not as big as I’d expected,” Sierra admitted about the latter.

“It was built in the nineteenth century,” Gavin commented dryly. At his haughty tone, she scowled. He didn’t notice her misgiving, still preoccupied with his phone.

“When are we meeting Lorna?” Sierra asked, pushing back the cuticles on her nails.

Gavin’s body stiffened. “As soon as we arrive at Atterbury. Lorna will discuss your training and my case.” Gavin’s turquoise eyes were hard and cold. For someone who had insisted on coming to London, he didn’t seem happy to be here.

The cab came to an abrupt stop, jerking Sierra forward, then back into the car seat.

“The Strand. Please follow me,” Cooper said with a playful flourish of his hand. He had mentioned earlier that he had worked for Lorna the last few years as an apprentice, and Sierra bet he knew London as well as a native.

She climbed out of the cab, anxiety at the upcoming meeting turning her back clammy. Her fingers itched to reach out to Gavin and seek his comfort. But her pride won out, and she tucked her hands into her jeans pockets, surreptitiously glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. His chiseled face was schooled into an impenetrable expression, his lips a harsh line.

“Welcome to Atterbury House,” Cooper said.

In front of them stood a grandiose, white building with dramatic columns at the main entrance, atop of which a triangular pediment showcased a war scene, reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture.

Sierra was surprised how much she remembered from her high school history lessons on European architecture. It seemed the onset of her Fluidus powers had sharpened her mind, in addition to improving her senses.

“Who will be present?” Gavin asked, ripping Sierra out of her thoughts.

“I don’t know. Lorna didn’t give me a list.”

Gavin’s jaw twitched at Cooper’s reply, and Sierra tried to understand why Gavin was so on edge. As far as she was concerned, she was the newcomer. He had grown up in the Ardere society and had met Lorna before. This was his world, and he should feel at ease.

Whoosh! One step past the entrance, Sierra’s foot slid forward, and she found herself on her behind.

“You okay?” Cooper held out his hand to help her up. She took it, cursing underneath her breath at the polished, marble floor. Her eyes met Gavin’s, and she could read the clear disapproval in them. Well, she wasn’t too fond of him at the moment either. Rubbing down her clothes, she was glad to find her modest sweater-and-jeans attire hadn’t torn. Her mahogany, suede ankle boots, however, now featured dark stains, courtesy of London’s rain-soaked streets. Great, she already felt self-conscious about her first meeting with the supernatural royals, and now she had to worry about her appearance as well.

The empty, long marble corridor with snow-white columns only intimidated her further. Her footsteps reverberated as she passed an array of rooms adorned with velvet couches, gilded chandeliers, and crown moldings, depicting acanthus leaves. Cooper stopped at an intricately carved wooden door, which opened without him knocking.

A gray-haired butler bowed and indicated for them to come inside. “Welcome to the tea room. Lady Lorna Windsor will be with you shortly.”

Excerpt: Mirror Sacrifice. Chapter 1. Part 1

Mirror Sacrifice, Book 2 in the Ardere Series, will be available for purchase on Amazon in February.

Sierra stared at the empty seat next to her. Gavin had left the compartment as soon as Heathrow Express spurred into motion. He’d said he had to make some calls, but she wondered if he was avoiding her. Their journey from Savannah to London had started out promising. Finally admitting they had feelings for each other, they kissed on the airplane and toasted with champagne. And then Cooper had showed up, and Gavin had become frosty.

Eager to hide her disappointment from Cooper, Sierra turned to the window and focused on the landscape rushing past the train.

The flat, green fields were so unlike her native, hilly Vermont. As for the gray sky and the drizzle of rain, it made her already miss Savannah, the southern Georgian city she had called home for the last month.

“Dragoons—excellent fighters but rotten communicators,” Cooper said, breaking the silence.

She snorted in response, considering Cooper’s theory. How much of Gavin’s demeanor and difficulty to communicate was due to him being a Dragoon? With their powers being primarily physical, Dragoons weren’t exactly known to be the gushy type.

“Personally, I enjoy communication. Perhaps I should apply for a teaching position at Langcombe Academy,” Cooper mused.

Sierra’s ears perked up. Langcombe Academy was the most prestigious supernatural school in Europe. Was that where she would receive her training? Despite her powers awakening a month ago, she hadn’t had any formal training, due to her Gran’s distrust of the regency. Killed by an Umbra, Gran was gone now, and Sierra needed to learn how to control her powers and how to stay safe from the Culpatus, a group intent on kidnapping her and using her Fluidus abilities.

“Are you excited to meet the elite?” Cooper leaned back and propped his feet up on the seat opposite him. His dark brown, layered hair looked as if it hadn’t seen a comb in days, and his cerulean, buttoned shirt was crumpled from the journey. He didn’t seem to notice or care, his lake-blue eyes at ease. As far as Sierra could tell, no situation made him uncomfortable. He was the most optimistic and relaxed person she had ever met. It made her wonder if all Blurs were like that. If so, was their free-spirited personality connected to their ability to teleport and disintegrate into air or water? If they could escape physical peril, did this enable them to escape psychological stress?

“I’m nervous,” she admitted.


Was he for real? Up until the day of her eighteenth birthday, she’d been clueless to the existence of supernaturals, much less that she was one of them. And now she was going to the British Ardere headquarters to meet the regent, Lady Lorna Windsor, and her court, the elite. On top of that, just when Sierra thought she and Gavin were finally on the same page, he had clammed up. Was it because he was second-guessing the decision to pursue a relationship with her? Or did it have to do with Cooper? Perhaps Gavin was merely not ready to take their relationship public, and that’s why he was giving her the cold shoulder. She sighed. Noticing Cooper’s expectant look, she realized she hadn’t answered his question. What had he asked again? Right, why she was nervous. “It’s my first time abroad.” She debated elaborating further, but then decided to leave it at that. Until today, she had only seen Cooper a handful of times, so there was no need to spill her guts to him.

“I apologize if me accompanying you and Gavin last-minute on your journey… complicated things.” Sincerity replaced the impish expression Cooper tended to wear by default.

“It’s not your fault. You were sent by Lorna, right?” He nodded, and she smiled. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t blame Cooper for Gavin shutting down. She could understand Gavin’s unwillingness to show PDA, but Cooper’s presence was no reason to barely utter a word in the last twelve hours.

“We’re almost here. Lorna is expecting us so there won’t be time for sightseeing, but I’ll try to point out as many landmarks as I can on our cab ride.” Cooper lifted Sierra’s suitcase from the overhead shelf and put it gently on the ground.

“Thank you,” Sierra said, surprised by how quickly the countryside had given way to high-density architecture. Red and brown brick residential buildings stood next to corner shops and pubs on London’s busy streets, which swarmed with people. Sierra took a deep breath, trying to calm her rapidly beating heart. How she wished Gran was here, or Jillian, the friend she had made in Savannah. Both women were Guardians and always instinctively knew the right thing to say to calm Sierra. But Gran was dead, and it was still nighttime in Savannah, meaning Jillian was fast asleep. Sierra was on her own in navigating the British Ardere headquarters. She longed for the days when she didn’t know she was a rare supernatural and her biggest concerns were curfews and high-school grades.

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Guide to indie book reviewers

Let me start by saying that writing a good book is not enough. It’s just the first step. After countless rounds of edits, it’s time to get to the packaging part (cover, formatting, title, blurb, etc.) and then the book finally goes live to Amazon.

While a good packaging can draw the reader’s eye, it is often not enough. You can’t just rely on Amazon’s algorithm to show your book to potential buyer, you need to do some of the leg work yourself.

But how do you do that? There are more blogs than ever out there that review books, however, a quick look reveals that many only accept traditionally published authors and/or are overwhelmed by number of requests and aren’t accepting manuscripts.

My suggestion is to google reviews for indie published books to get around the first hurdle. The second one isn’t something you can eliminate as easily, which means you’ll have to go from blog to blog and check out the “review policy/contact us” section to see whether the blogger is currently accepting manuscripts.

I’ve been lucky to find a several blogs that have reviewed Fluidus Rising, and would like to share with you the links below.

  1. Uncaged book reviews

Not only does this online magazine review books, it also features author interviews.

Cyrene (the owner) is a pleasure to work with and very professional.

Here’s the link to the January issue, my author interview is on p. 56


2. Mommasaystoreadornottoread

A wonderful and fun blog run by Becky.

3. Cantstopwontstopbooks

Macy is a prolific and fair reviewer. Her reviews are in-depth yet without spoilers.

4. Unicorn book reviews

Is run by Ashley McCleo, who’s also an author. Ashley accepts fantasy, urban, sci-fi, paranormal, historical fiction, and YA/NA, and each review is carefully crafted.

5. Nancy at the Avid Reader

Nancy has a keen eyes to detail, is super easy to work with, and has a large following.


I hope you found this post helpful. Most of all, I would like to say don’t give up. If something you try doesn’t work, twitch it, then try again.

Free short story: The Ardere Series Prequel

Several of my readers have expressed interest in Gavin’s backstory, how he became the man we meet in ‘Fluidus Rising’ and why he has moved from the headquarter in Connecticut to Savannah, Georgia.

That’s why I’ve written ‘The Fracture’, a short story Prequel to the Ardere Series, which provides a deeper insight into Gavin.

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