Guide to indie book reviewers

Let me start by saying that writing a good book is not enough. It’s just the first step. After countless rounds of edits, it’s time to get to the packaging part (cover, formatting, title, blurb, etc.) and then the book finally goes live to Amazon. While a good packaging can draw the reader’s eye, it is often not enough. You can’t just rely on Amazon’s algorithm to show your book to potential buyer, you need to do some of the leg work yourself. But how do you do that? There are more blogs… Read More

Win a $50 Amazon gift card

It’s the season of giving, which is why I have partnered up with The Six Queen’s Bookfair, which brings authors and readers of YA Fantasy and SF together and is giving away a $50 Amazon gift card. Click below to enter the giveaway: And here’s the link to find out more about The Six Queen’s. Happy reading!

Tallahassee Writers Conference (TWC)

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the Tallahassee Writers Conference (TWC). In this post I will highlight my main takeaways and whom I think the conference is best suited for. TWC started at 8:30am and ended at 8pm on Saturday the 22nd of April. Lunch and dinner included a keynote, where authors shared their inspirational success stories. The presented workshops were equally divided between writing advice and marketing advice. Perhaps most useful for beginning writers were the introductory workshops on the YA and Mystery genre, as well as a workshop on how… Read More

Review of Florida Writers Conference

This past weekend (20th to 23rd of October) I was fortunate to attend the Florida Writers Conference from the Florida Writers Association. You can find more information about the organization here:   The conference had a few evening workshops on Thursday and a few morning workshops on Sunday, with the main chunk of events taking place on Friday and Saturday. I attended in total 16 lectures – one on Thursday, seven on Friday, six on Saturday and two on Sunday. Overall, I believe that there were a nice variety of topics… Read More

Ebook pricing

There are a few common misconceptions about EBooks that are being sold via Amazon. The main one being that only the cheapest books priced at $0.99 sell. In order to illustrate my point, I have analyzed the price points of the bestselling 100 EBook YA & Teen Fantasy on Amazon. This list features traditionally published and self-published books. Amazon bestsellers YA & Teen Fantasy pricing * Unusual pricing e.g. $7.09 was rounded up (in this case to $6.99) ** Table does not include bundles where multiple books are sold together, thus number… Read More

Analysing Titles – YA Fantasy Amazon top 100

Today I’m going to talk about YA Fantasy book titles. Whether you are a traditionally published author and have to discuss your title choice with a group of people from your publishing house or a self-published author, who gets to make the decision all by herself, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The first thing a potential buyer sees when they walk into a physical bookstore is your title and the spine of your book (cover if your book has been deemed worthy enough of a prominent display). In an online store it… Read More

Orlando book festival

  Yesterday, I attended the free of charge Orlando book festival. I highly recommend the event for aspiring and seasoned writers and look forward to similar events by the library of Orlando, since it provides writers with a chance to network, and ask published authors questions. Allison Brennan, a best selling Thriller writer, gave the opening keynote. Allison’s story about how she transitioned from a ‘regular’ job to becoming a writer was really inspirational. She shared with the audience how for three years, after she had realized that she wanted to write… Read More