Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Books

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Can books with teaser endings ever be satisfactory?

Many readers have a love-hate relationship with books that end on a teaser aka where a question is posed that will only be answered in the next installment or a hint at a future quest is given. Why are some teasers well received while others are despised? Readers dislike: Incomplete stories Loose end plot lines Unnatural teaser ending, created for the sole purpose of making the reader buy the next book in the series   However when done correctly a teaser can actually enhance the whole novel. The final scene or sentence… Read More

YA Mystery and Thrillers – Beyond Pretty Little Liars

This April the TV show Pretty Little Liars will premiere its second half of its 7th, and final, season. Fans of the teen mystery thriller franchise are preparing to say goodbye to the show based on Sara Shephard’s book series spanning 16 (!) novels. While the Pretty Little Liars series is wonderfully crafted, Sara Shephard is not the only good YA mystery thriller writer. In this post I will recommend three lesser known titles. But first, why do readers much older than 18 enjoy and prefer YA mystery thrillers to adult novels of… Read More

Best fantasy series

The holiday season is coming up meaning bookworms are having extra time to dive into a fantasy series that are longer than a trilogy. Below are my top three fantasy series picks.   Warning minor spoilers alerts for Throne of glass, Vampire Academy and Guild Hunter series below   Throne of glass series by Sarah J. Maas When I picked up the first book (Throne of Glass) I had heard mixed reviews. The positive ones lauded Sarah J. Maas’s world building, while the negatives ones focused on the main character, Celaena Sardothien,… Read More

What do you read? The impact of book reviews

Today’s post will focus on how book reviews influence readers. Next week I will examine the impact reviews can have on writers. Personally, as a Kindle reader, the first thing I notice besides the title and the cover, are the Amazon reviews. Namely, how many reviews and stars on average a particular work has received. I tend to favor books with 4+ stars and at least 100+ reviews. But even when I don’t search online for novels, my bookstore browsing is influenced by reviews. Magazines, newspapers, online ads, just to name a… Read More